Spy Calls

The mobile tracker helps to reveal who your subject is calling and receiving calls from. Meanwhile you stay totally incognito. The tracker detects the contacts of your target, time of calls and their duration.


Spy software makes it possible for you to spy on text messages, incoming and outgoing from a certain smartphone. Every text message is redirected to your Control Panel, even those deleted by the phone owner.

Spy Emails

Checking email is a very popular everyday activity of smartphone users. If you need to have remote access to the target’s emails, there is nothing easier than getting it with phone tracking software.

GPS Location

See all the locations of the smartphone on a map that is really easy to use. The app allows seeing every step in the location history. So if the target device gets stolen, it is easy to reveal its location with the help of this great feature!

Internet Activities

To be sure your target keeps away from dangerous or inappropriate websites activate the mobile tracking application. You will get the opportunity to view the web browsing history.

Track Viber

Having the spy software installed you can gather information on Viber communication of your target device user. Call logs, chat history and pictures shared via Viber will be fully accessible to your remote device.


WhatsApp is extremely popular today. If your target uses WhatsApp, you will get access to its messaging history, thus you can track all the shared pictures and chat messages.

Spy Facebook

This latest amazing feature allows secretly tracking your target's Facebook activity. You can read chat messages and be always aware of what tracked people are planning to do.

Control Installed 

The list of applications functioning on the target smartphone is available to you via this control feature. Moreover, you can block the applications that seem inappropriate to you and the target won’t be able to use them again.

Remote Device 

You can see the information collected by the spy software from any device that has access to the Internet. Remotely and discreetly keep tracking the activities taking place on the target smartphone from your Control Panel.

Multimedia Files

Videos and images both downloaded and taken by the device user are available to you making it fast and convenient to check whether there is dangerous content on your kid’s phone and find out if your colleagues or employees take shoots of confidential data!


It is estimated that the majority of smartphone users utilize up to 40 applications on the average. Keylogger will help you know how many of them your target uses. You can track every keystroke the target person performs within the applications installed on the smartphone.


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