Parents, Kids and Control

It is an absolutely normal desire for a parent to be aware of the information that their children come across as well as to know the people they hang out with and places they visit. The thing is that there is too much of the adult world stuff now easily available for kids and there is no surprise that parents would like to keep them away from these unpleasant and damaging things as long as possible. The saddest part is that there is always a chance that they will get to know about all things like violence and pornography and gambling from some place else. Still, this does not mean parental control is useless. More important is that it should be timely and wise.

Every parent would claim that they do not want their kids to learn about sex before they know what love is. Before letting all awful and fearful things into a kids mind it is really important to create a strong foundation, to prepare a child in emotional and intellectual way, so that they could accept and evaluate things that they are bound to come across in life now or later - but later is better because they will know more. In this respect it makes perfect sense to keep some things away from kids and keep them as far away as possible from unwanted topics and issues. Surely, yet again, it is essential to keep a healthy balance between withholding information and prohibiting something or limiting a kid’s freedom. If overdone, there is a chance that your child will rebel and start craving for all forbidden instead, not because they really want it but out of stubbornness and curiosity.

Parents have a choice here and if they are conscious and want their kids to grow-up in good people they would be explaining things by bits so that children understood the dangers and learned to filter the information they consume as well as evaluate it. It is a given fact that kids grow up way too fast and now they are frequently much more experienced and intelligent than their parents were at their age. This should also be taken into consideration but not as another reason for control intensification but rather as something to rely on and appeal to. It is always wiser to treat your kid as an equal and a grown-up who is able to understand. Teenagers appreciate such treatment and are much willing to listen then. It is much easier to teach them responsibility and moral code and all things matter if your kid can hear you, if you do not seem to be a parent that only aims at control. And if you are the one who sets the right example.

There is one more thing that parents can do to ensure their kids are safe - and not just in the sense of unwanted information, but also literally, is to apply for the assistance of cell phone monitoring applications. They can be installed both on a PC and a smartphone and allow tracking the activity of the devices. This might seem a bit contradictory and sort of intrusion into kids' privacy but it is definitely a very good tool for keeping things neatly away. The point is that your 6 year old son is not at all interested in porno or poker or else but he likes playing games online. A spy app gives an option of blocking the apps and websites with such content so that even if your kid seeks some game to play, he won’t be able to open the undesired app or website. This is exactly what matters. Besides, all spy software offers GPS tracking and it is a blessing for a parent as there is no need to ask questions like where you go and so on - everything will be in the report.