Mobile Spying Apps at Risk

Recently the suggestion was brought in the U.S. Congress that the ban should be made on all the cell phone spying apps due to the fact that these apps do not bring any good but rather evoke violence at homes. The reason is that despite of the fact that such apps are being advertised as means of parental control and both for parents with their kids as well as for employers and their workers.

Violence, as reported, becomes the consequence in cases when spy apps were installed secretly on the phones by partners and spouses. Very often the information revealed becomes the reason for quarrel. Thus, the senator offered the bill for provision that will allow protection for people from such abuse.

The law offered presupposes the sale of cell phone spy apps ban as well as restriction to geolocaion data collection. However, it cannot be done right without any consideration as the majority of companies that sell mobile tracking apps offer them as legal way to either keep an eye on your kids or your employers. They also claim that it is done with the person being notified of the fact of monitoring.

Surely, they are unable to guarantee that the app won’t be used for stalking. There is no way to check what kind of purpose customers pursue in the first place.

It is true that legitimate applications offer a broad range of options for keeping an eye on employers and teenage boys and girls without raising any dubious issues and this is true that they cannot hold responsibility for the actions of those customers who choose to use their product in the indecent way.

The developers of spy soft claim that kids and employers know that they are being monitored and if jealous spouses and partners keep this info secret, it is up to them to deal with the consequences.

In this respect the Congress was faced with the option of passing the Location Privacy Protection Act. It main goal is to ban the sale of all applications that presuppose GPS monitoring in the first place. Besides, the other goal that bill pursues is that every company will have to ask for a smartphone or a tablet owner for a permission for data collection when the app is launched. Those companies that collect data from more than 1000 devices will have to report the info about the quality of the aforementioned data and the way they deal with it.

There is not really much chance that the Congress will pass the law in its original way. Many people think that the way it was presented, it has too many loopholes and especially the part about permission request won't be met with enthusiasm. However, the course taken by the lawmakers is clear - there is something to be done about the stalking applications and it is likely that mobile spy app companies will feel the effect of this and soon.