Mobile Addiction Facts

There is no surprise that in our modern world mobile phones have become something of vital necessity in a person’s life. It is really hard to imagine any person without a cell phone and it is hard to avoid using them even if you want to. However, there is a line between the need to use this convenient means of communication and addiction to one’s cell phone. Surely, a cell phone has long ago seized to be solely the means of communication with the internet access and the range of applications available. However, it has been researched and if a person tends to launch this or that application more than 60 times a day, it looks like the case of mobile addiction.

Moreover, it looks like more and more people get addicted to their mobile phones. It was researched that women are more addicted than men and that for the two past years the rate of “super users” has grown dramatically – at 55%. The most addicted groups were revealed – teenagers and students as well as middle-aged parents. Addicts can also be separated into groups with regards to their interests – mostly they are sport funs and car lovers as well as gamers and catalogue shoppers to name a few.

There is no surprise that teenagers represent a very large mobile addict group. Really, they spend a great deal of their time now online and so do college students. These groups always keep track of the latest news in sport and fashion and politics and what not. It is a bit unexpected to have high percent of mobile addicts among senior people. However, this can also be explained by the fact that middle-aged people live in families for the most part and they share their mobile devices with younger users. Besides, it has become a norm to connect to someone via message chat instead of making a call.

Convenient and inevitable as it might be, there is a bad site to mobile addiction. Most of us tend to rely on our devices far too much and we do not take the trouble of memorizing things any more. There is a big chance that by using the power of our cell phones more than our own mind power we allow the latter to deteriorate and fast. Besides, we get far less communicative and open. It is no longer a surprising scene, the one with several people in a diner, all deep involved in something online but not with the ones who are present.

Mobile addiction has appeared as the consequence of mobile technology progress. There are more and more applications being developed and the popularity of messenger chats is really indescribable. It is not that people stopped calling each other or meeting but the role of various applications in their life as well as time spent in them cannot be underestimated.

Surely, most of people can be called mobile addicts to this or that extent. However, if you feel like you spend more time with your cell phone than with your friends and family, it’s perhaps time to have a look at your life and change something in it.