Cell Phone Safety Tips

It is next to impossible to get keep kids nowadays away from a computer. They tend to spend a great deal of time online nowadays and mostly they access Internet via their cell phones. Most of the time they do not realize that the information they share online is not safe and that parents are right when they try to warn and set some rules. Here are some things that parents should explain to their kids in order to make sure the latter are secure in their online environment.

1. No talking to strangers

It is something that every parent tries to explain to their kids – talking to strangers is no good when it comes to kids. It might not be really understandable to a rebellious teenager; however, if a parent takes time to clearly point out how many indecent people are there lurking on the internet and how doubtful their friendly intentions may be, kids will listen and accept.

2. Don’t be reserved

The best policy to communicate with kids is honesty. Make your kids aware of the dangers present and what kind of danger can expect them in social networks and so on. It is better to speak about all the issues, even the ones that can be shameful and disgraceful; however, if you do not disclose some things to your kids, they are likely to find out either themselves or with someone else’s help.

3. Do not share passwords

Your kid should understand that such things as passwords should be kept private at all times. Make it understandable to your kids that a habit of not sharing your passwords with friends is something they have to stick to early in life because they will have to have more and more passwords in life and those are going to be more serious ones than the one from their social network profile. However, it is better to set a rule that will presupposes that your kids are allowed to create accounts only after your approval and you being aware of the passwords. This rule won’t work with elder teenagers; however, with the ones that just enter the online world it is a must.

4. Not all sites are good

It is not easy thing for kids to explain that online space is not always safe and friendly especially when kids are concerned. Surely, if you just try to blindly restrict your kids’ access to the internet without any explanation or on some vague pretence that they are not grown up enough yet, it won’t work. It is much better to give a very good explanation backed up with examples. It is also very helpful to install a mobile tracking application to their cell phone.

5. Make time rules

If you give your kids absolute freedom, they are likely to spend all day online chatting and playing games and so on. It is really not the best scenario, so it makes sense to think this issue through before your buy them a smartphone.

6. No personal information online

One more thing in addition to password safety rule is the one about not sharing your personal info in social networks. Kids do not think much about the consequences when they post their cell phone number or an address or else on the internet. Sometimes disclosing their personal information and pictures for everyone to see is just the means of boasting in front of their peers. However, you should explain the dangers here as well.

7. Set a rule for games and apps

It is easy for a child to get lost in time while playing games. Besides, there are so many of them offered for download and some of them are definitely supposed for adults and not for kids. You should discuss the rules about playing games on a cell phone either. Surely, it might be hard to control all these things but with the help of a mobile tracking software all the unwanted apps can be sorted out and access to them blocked.

It is true that being a parent is not an easy thing, especially when it comes to teenage kids. However, one thing is for sure – honestly is the best policy and side assistance such as cell phone spy is also very useful. Make sure your kids know why some things are not good for them and control them discreetly without problems.